Thursday, July 28, 2005


BLAM! Posted by Picasa

I was thinking about the design of the Cover and also the perfect way to have something done with that hard talk that Miller does but at the same time to have my own voice over IT.
I have noticed that Glam! is coming again into the fashion and I was thinking also in the new video of FisherSpooner (incredible music!), then I realized that the perfect way is to use the contrast in color but in the opposite direction of Miller.
A little of Andy Warhol and Phycodelic 70's design and voila!
I almost forgot that I wanted Kerubin to become my own Barbarella and I use the color pallete from that comic.
See ya!!

Here is the Cover of BLAM!

Kerubin in short terms is what Marylin Monroe should have become If She were smarter and I guess hornier!! :)

Great day to you guys!!...JESUS ANTONIO


johnnyjustice said...

Really nice! Reminds me a little of Steranko!

antonio said...

Yes, because I was searching about the period and the work of Steranko is also using some of the terms I wnated to use on the Cover.
Is like having the same infor and getting to the same direction!!