Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back from the Wedding!!

Back!!! Posted by Picasa

Guys a quick message to say hello to you, I just arrived from Monterrey and the Wedding was fun!!
Many things to say but I will start doing it over the week at the same time I am going thru the deadline I have.
Well the first part of the trip.

I asked a girl I like to go out for a coffee or drink, She will also help me to correct some Ortography stuff for a novel I want to write in spanish, so well this also helps me as a way to create something in common.Well I still do not believe it but I finally did it!! I only need to agree on the day and hope something nice develops..She is a really smart gal and well also cute..:).
I finished to give my classes around 8:00 and left the building and at the distance I saw well you know whom I didn`t stop to say hi and just left the building.
At 8:20 I was having a talk to a nice girl the same I wrote I wanted the to see (I have to be honest I am now chekcing my options), She was so nice to go home and help me with the luggage and We both went to the bus station.
Did I say that "You know whom" called me 2 times that night and finally She reached me around 10:20 to say hello and whishing me (She and her Mom) the best on my trip? (I have to say that I am a bit confused because I do not know how to take it, as a nice gesture, as interest ..I am again all mixed up..but I won`t think too much about it!).
I took the bus till 11:35 it was a delay but it was perfect!

I need to cover the deadline so If I do not have time to drop by here tomorrow and say hello for sure next day!!
Great dat to all of you my trip was a hell of fun!!...


Sask 1 said...

Thats a beautiful Photo.On the subject of you know who.Maybe shes missing not having the attention off you.Good luck with your other date.

johnnyjustice said...

I love the photo! Was that the backdrop for the wedding?

antonio said...

HAHA not really Jason!! because it was raining cats and dogs that day over Monterrey!!

Dear June about Lupita EVERYTHING IS SO OVER!!! She said she was missing me but not enough to start a relation well her loss...(I need to tell you what happened probably in a couple of days!!...)
About my other date I still need to see If She doesn`t have boyfriend..better play in safe!! :)