Sunday, July 31, 2005

Do you really want to hurt me?

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Today was a really odd day!!
I still need to catch up some mails I owe to Nik, Chuck, John..well so many!
Btw Timothy Shadow where are you I haven`t heard from you in ages? (send hellos to Kristin)
Well I went today to the confirmation of religion of my brother (He is getting married in a couple of Months), funny but the place was crowded, I was even doing some numbers and Wow! you can not believe the figures I wound up.
Well I finish a page from El Clan so that means I am starting page 3 soon this next week, I am still coloring some stuff from Luchador!!.
I am contacting some nice artist this early part of the week.
Kino thanks a lot for the words.
Gerry drop me a mail also...:).
A person contacted me to start talking about doing some business about design,I hope it gets solid because it is not a kind of deal taht makes my projects off.
I already thanked the nice guys over the Company which gave me the gig (60 images of a coloring book for children). Thank you again.
Now this next week is only to put all the translations and the work and start sending mails to the Spanish company who is checking my work.
I am also trying to have an interview with a music band that is really cool!!
I also work in some design oriented to open a T-shirt business, I only need the capital to start the first pre-dummy and see how well it goes!

Great day to you guys!!

Love life: hahahah same stuff different day!! :)


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Sask 1 said...

Sounds like the work is going good and you have your brothers wedding to look forward to.
Have a great day