Thursday, July 07, 2005

A lady lost in a Gotham`s gargoyle

Gotham Posted by Picasa

This time I wanted to draw Batgirl in a differente outfit!! Enjoy!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Love the boots
Thank you for your comments also

wondy woman said...

I'm loving Batgirl too - she desperately needed a make over that girl - always so overlooked by the others!

antonio said...

June you have nothing to thank you deserve all the good coming to you!! Just cheer up and chins up!
Wondy happy you like this drawing!!
I am sure really sure one day I will draw Batman that is for sure!! :) :)..JESUS ANTONIO

johnnyjustice said...

Sweet boots! I have two pair of cowboy boots myself. Everyone should own at least one pair in their lifetime, lol!

Take Care,


monsanto said...

Too cool! Did she just hit robin from behind?

antonio said...

No my friend Mosanto She is not hitting him, I guessit was my fault to draw him in that position thanks for letting me know the confusion part!!
Great to see you around Monsanto!!..JESUS ANTONIO