Sunday, July 24, 2005

I smell the Stink of Love!

Wow!!! Posted by Picasa

My God!! I am coming from watching the movie and is incredible!!
I still do not understand how in hell Robert Rodriguez can come up with some crap and suddenly having this Masterpiece full of Miller`s design and a beautiful bad mouth script respecting the comic by itself a lot is always thanked!!
When Quentin Tarantino and Rodriguez work aside is so beautiful!!!
hahah I enjoy that many people after some minutes watching the movie left the place to see that was so PRICELESS!!
If you read the comic some years ago You can even recognize every single panel used.
Also I have to say that this is the Best Cast ever done in a Comic Adaptation!!
This movie made my Day!!!!!
Is not for every taste.
I love that every character is playing to be the smart moth*r f*ck*r!!
Damn a beautiful noir pulp story!!!

Have a great time!!! Because I did!!



AnnaRaven said...

It's absolutely great, isn't it?
so much similar to the comic book...
I loved it

antonio said...

That is the first time I was
saying WOW!! of giggling, or laughing my ass off..I loved the movie!!
Have a great time Anna!!...JESUS ANTONIO