Monday, July 18, 2005

17000 forms to say I love..

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By the 24th or 25th I have the next deadline for the second part of the project.
I hope to start scanning all the work by the next Saturday and well finally start working in the work of Victor Alos (gracias por aguantar tanto tiempo y gracias por las fotos de los policias, te luciste espero ya con esa informacion ya meterme de lleno a las paginas).
Amigo Nik by those days I will start putting in order everything to send you material for the proposals... tons of thanks for being this patient with me.
With Pedro I am just waiting for the scripts to move the things after the deadline and well get back into the project I am involved.

And well my 17000 profiles views!! Wow!! (sad that sometimes I can not know who is checking this tiny space in my soul.)

ps:The actor is a the comedian Langdon!!!


Sask 1 said...

I wonder whos been checking you out.Have a good day

Rainypete said...

I did! It's all June's fault!

antonio said...

hahahhaha Thanks Pete for bieng here!!...JESUS ANTONIO