Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Only The Lonely Can Play

Pearls Posted by Picasa

No too much movement over these past days, I took them to pay some Family debts (not mine..I never owe money to anyone...haha now I am again broke..hahhaha) and well I am waiting for some responses from some proposals, I hope over the week to have some news.
Tomorrow I will keep myself catching up with mails and to try to draw for a while.
The drawing that is below with the baby has a story just wait some days and I will explain the process and why the image.
Thanks Wondy for the words!! :)
This beautiful image is a photo studio done to the great Louise Brooks, a beautiful example of the Coco Channel androgynic look.
About love life well everything is just the same I haven`t date anybody yet, I guess over the days I will know If I have a date or not.
About you know whom I guess I did something dumb but later on I will explain.
Expect something tomorrow (another drawing). :)

Great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Better to be debt free and broke than owe money.
Have a good day

antonio said...

And as usual You are absolutely right!! :) :)..JESUS ANTONIO