Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dust in my heart.

Dusting Posted by Picasa

Hello guys!!
thank you so much for the new fellas posting (Well not new I know them form other places but it is always great to have more into the gang)
Wondy missing your posts!
Ohh Well yesterday I got blue, I went out with a girl and I have to say the girl is really nice but so vain that it was only a waste of my time and I really got a bit blue. Even today in the morning I was a bit down but to cheer me up ...I will draw for sure!! :)
I am starting finally the pages of El clan with the great Victor Alos, Nik and I will start some new stuff so stay tuned.
I am waiting for Pedro`s script and well organizing the plans for Luchador! and Rocket Girl!!

Ahh the drawing I was dusting my room and I found a sketch of Sly I did some time ago and IT would become a gift to a person that is really nice but only when I get some monye to send it I will do it for sure!!
See you guys!!
I hope next week to continue with the new installment of BLAM!



DADICUS said...

I'm giving everybody 2 weeks to do it ( I know it's a big window) I just thought that way everybody could pick a character or characters and have time to get comfortable drawing them for their pic! and yes you can draw both of the two you asked for!

AnnaRaven said...

When I feel blue I always listen to music. Ok, I will explain it better.

Music is something I can absolutelly cannot live without. So when I feel blue, for no particular reason, I listen to the same song (it tends to be a different song each time) once and again. Sometimes it helps...

I am not I am absolutely bananas so don´t pay too much attention to my babbling...
and I am growing an adiction to your drawings!!!


Sask 1 said...

Hope your feeling better Jesus Antonio.

antonio said...

I am doing my Best!!!:)
Thanks June!...JESUS ANTONIO

antonio said...

Anna me too I try to listen to music, funny but I prefer to listen aggressive music to make me feel better and feel energetic..
Thanks for the words Cute Anna...JESUS ANTONIO

ps:You are not bananas you are a lovely interesting girl!! :)