Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Alice dreams fulfilled.

Alice Posted by Picasa

Okey I have done the pencil for the Comission (I do not really know If I will keep it in pencil work or If I will do something else in the piece, but I guess I will take the decision in a couple of weeks when I am with a less busy shedule).
I have received the info now so I am going to be really busy over these two days, so sorry in advance for the absence of work.
Well I decided to go to the easy solution in the design I really used the forms to create something nice with Alice and Wonderland.

The only thing I did is to write the tiny script to draw it.

"Little Alice in her boat full of dreams,
heading from Wonderland to Neverland,
stuck in The mountain of Reality,again...
decides to throw her flags and trophies,
to free herself and her boat-
We little rats are devoured by the Cat, forcing us to jump,
higher and higher everytime
Hatter stealing stars while the rabbit waits for the right hour to smile"

Hahaha funny isn`t it?....
I really wanted to give a Victorian approach to the tiny script...

Great day!


Sask 1 said...

Thats a great picture Jesus Antonio.

antonio said...

I haven`t finished the piece yet Dear June !!
and alter I will agree with you about how to send you the piece right to you house..
wondy next week I will talk to you to do the same with the piece I owe you!!...JESUS ANTONIO