Monday, July 25, 2005


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Well I as said in the morning that I was dusting some scripts and ideas I used to have having a Pulp Noir Story I did some years ago, sounds funny but today I started to gather the weak links and the gaps and I guess I have a nice Pulp Comic called BLAM!

If there is an editor interested, let me know and contact me off.

Well this is the first installement.
I will do something similar to what Travis Charest has been doing with a comic strip that He is developing little by little.
In a way something similar to what I did previously with Fool (Fool will be printed soon by a nice friend and guy..hello to you by the way).
I will show the process of developing the script and pages and I will only show 6 pages with a semi preview of the character Kerubin and what She is.

I designed and drew the logo!

I also started again to color some other pages of Luchador!!

Well have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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