Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Enigmatic Raven`s eyes are staring at me


The noblest name in Allegory's page,
The hand that traced inexorable rage;
A pleasing moralist whose page refined,
Displays the deepest knowledge of the mind;
A tender poet of a foreign tongue, (Indited in the language that he sung.)
A bard of brilliant but unlicensed page
At once the shame and glory of our age,
The prince of harmony and stirling sense,
The ancient dramatist of eminence,
The bard that paints imagination's powers,
And him whose song revives departed hours,
Once more an ancient tragic bard recall,
In boldness of design surpassing all.
These names when rightly read, a name [make] known
Which gathers all their glories in its own.

The Raven

Great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Ubod_ng_Lumpia said...

you know I remember back in highschool... we had a sort of gropus contest where we had to recite the whole poem

they decided that we would act out some parts of it.. I was the guy who was killed :) hahahaha..
--kino-- :)

antonio said...

haha nice story Kino!!!..:)..JESUS ANTONIO

Sask 1 said...

Thats was great.Love the poem as you already know.

Rainypete said...


Possibly my favourite Poe work of them all. That or A. Gordon Pym.

I can't choose.

antonio said...

Rainy Pete!! great to see you here!!
Sorr for the long respone but as you have read I am a little busy..

A. Gordon Pym?
Tell me more about it!!

When I have some time I will send more poem work I like..thanks for dropping here Pete!!...JESUS ANTONIO