Monday, July 25, 2005

Say Cheese!!!

I wanna Family like this!? Posted by Picasa

Yesterday I had the chance to watch The Baloonatic of Buster Keaton co-written with Eddie Kline a nice movie, it has some beautiful moments with a Baloon and a cannoe.
Btw Buster is the little fella in the photo.
I am finally on vacation (One week) and I feel so great, I will use this week to prepare the plans and pages of Nik, Pedro and Victor and hopefully one idea I have around gets solid.
About the gig tomorrow when I send the disc I will say what I was doing all this time but without giving specifics.
Expect a Love for Dummies by tomorrow or Today called "It was never meant to be."
After watching Sin City I also dust my notes and found a pulp story I did some time ago, I need to update it and see what I can do with it I even got the name of the story so Stay tune If I decide to do something down the road.


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