Saturday, July 30, 2005

Laughing my pants off.

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I am going to buy today some tickets to go to "Las Luchas" (Mexican Wrestling) MY FIRST TIME EVER!!!, a friend of mine invited me and We really want to see "Luchadores" figthing and see blood. :).
The Wrestling is in a week or so.
It will also help me to have some aspects to use in the comic Nik and I are doing...what I have to do for research!? :)
If I can have pictures of it I will let you know and show.
I have been going out and just hang out with friends this week(not all of times so great I admit), Today I will send mails to some friends and I also need to send some thank you messages to friends.
I will also use the day to continue with Luchador! and El Clan.
Anna, Cute Anita have a nice vacation time.

See you later on!!


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