Thursday, July 14, 2005

Love for Dummies...Oh My god!!!

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8 pieces out of 34.
Before something happens I will leave tomorrow to Monterrey so I guess I will procrastinate again some answerings to emails and friends.
Nik I bought some nice goodies for you, just be patient with me...!
A nice person explained to me the correct process to scan images and well I am hoping to be doing the right thing, sometimes I am a little primitive in computer stuff.
I have the deadline place on Monday but I hope they give me at least another day just to download the work.

Well today I was about to crack really ...even got a little blue.
did you remember that some time ago I said I did a stupid thing?
Well this is the little explanation...About two months ago having that stupid dinner with you know whom (check in the archives newbies!! :D), I made a promise to myself to send her something for her birthday as the last closure thing, funny to close something you never started..well I was so respectful and so stupid..well...Yesterday was her birthday and She received something I prepared some time ago to be sent to her.
A nice bouquet of Lilies arrived to her door yesterday with a note saying "________: Happy Birthday" aside a heart and No name.
While I was paying for the bus tickets (thankfully I received a discount) and arrived home my Mom told me that She called me and my Mom asking me "What for?" I just told my Mom "Search me?", and I didn`t report myself in the past it should have been the first thing to do, so well I started checking the doubts I had about scanning and I recieved her call.

She:"Hi guess who I am?
me:mmmmm I do not know (I was being honest it has been a while that I didn`t listen to her voice, but I imagine she was)"
me:ahhh Hello _____"
She:I just wanna thank you..
me:What for?
She:Well you know....
me:I do not know...
She:Ohhhh ohhh thank you for everything...
me:What is everything?
She:Well you know...or don`t you know?(I really felt bad because in a way She doubt for a moment that I sent the bouquet".
me:Tell me what do you mean!
She was doubting about telling me about the flowers for a couple of minutes.
She:About the flowers?
me:ahh did you like them?
She:Yes are gorgeous! I kew it was you all this time write down that it was you..are so beautiful....btw what it is new? how do you feel? How are you?
me:You know I am now bad..
Well from that point of the conversation The same dumb things She said saying that everything is the same and blah blah blah..that she has met some new guys..well the same crapolla. I just told her that I am really dissapointed about the way She made the things happen, and that everything is just like that because of her and only her.
She said that We will have time in the future to talk in deep about it..Yes!!! as you guessed it I didn`t ask her to go out or see her...I mean it really hurts but I won`t move any inch to what I decided all this time...I also told her that it was not fair that all this time she didn`t contacted me because in reality She was about only one phone call, or to knock a door to see me.
Well I continue dissapointed big time...and I continue in Over mode.

About the girls I like there are some weird stories but in another time BTW tomorrow I am seeing someone that is really reall nice for a couple of hours before leaving.

Pray for me as usual!!!

Have a great time and see you soon next week!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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