Saturday, July 23, 2005

Blue times returned to the Legacy

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Ohhh Well firstable amigo Nik I already have your copy!!

I have to say that the comic has a really good level of quality I mean in terms of what is in the market of my country, I can say that it has no Competition around.
The artwork is decent.
The printing is really nice.

The Quality is really excellent in terms of the market in my country but it is not really competitive Worlwide.It might sound strange but suffers a lack of style in my own opinion.
I honestly think that the story is not the best good but not with enough plots or interesting threads that can make you follow the character.
Blue Demon as El Santo have to be handled as Icons.
It is a real shame that Oscar Gonzalez didn`t draw this comic, One of the reasons to buy the comic was to see If He was doing the artwork over there but for another time He used the Studio guys working with him.(btw I have to say that Oscar Gonzalez Loyo is a very nice person and the few times I have seen him he has been so gentle with me and my work.)
Horrible problems of Anatomy all over the comic.
They sacrifice the character by giving a dark aspect and the bad part is that I am sure that When you label your character in one position sooner or later You have no room to move him. Well let`s wait a see.

In the overall is maybe the best comic published in my country over the year!!

I will buy for sure the next installement and I hope to pass the 5 fringe limit I give to the comics I read.

Have a great day!!


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