Saturday, July 23, 2005

Whispering your name in vain.

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Well I finally closed the cycle and kiss the frog (Expect a Love for Dummies story..and in a way the last wrap for my love story).
I have tried to think in a perfect story to write and I have some ideas already and hopefully by Sunday I will start having the first draft of the love story I want to write. (yes, the story will be in English and just 20 pages long).

Just tossing with some ideas to use in the story I came up with something in Spanish that eventually will form part of the love story.

Hablame al oido
y piensa que la voz que en mi escuchas
te dice solo dulces sendas de amor.


Talk to my ear
and think the voice you hear in me
is just saying sweet paths of love.

About 1864 I am just waiting for Pedro L . Lopez to see what He is making up down the road.
Next week Luchador! talk for sure...

Nik I bought a copy for you of the new magazine fo Blue Demon Jr (a mexican wrestler in my opinion the best one).

Great day and see you later!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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