Sunday, July 03, 2005

Circles of Doom

Wonder Woman drawn by me!!! Posted by Picasa

What else can I say!!?
Enjoy the image!
I really like the pose and the skirt!!

I will write tomorrow or later nite more!!

Great Day!!


wondy woman said...

Wow I love her she's so brilliant! You are more and more talented every day Jesus Antonio!

Thank you for posting that !

Wondy x

Sask 1 said...

Great drawing.I see wondy was really impressed also.

antonio said...

Thank you Wondy!!
I am happy that now I have an idea and it is just a matter or minutes or hours to have soemthing done, I am really happy and glad!!..Thanks for the words June and Wondy!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

wondy woman said...

We adore you Jesus Antonio!

antonio said...

It`s a recriprocal feeling I love and adore you cute girls!!...JESUS ANTONIO

johnnyjustice said...

That's very realistic, sort of an Adam Hughes type drawing. Wonder Woman is always a favorite for me, even though I have only drawn her twice, lol. This pose is nice (and the skirt is really cool, too).

I have a question for you that I will email you in a few minutes.

Take care!


antonio said...

Thank you Jason for the words!!..JESUS ANTONIO

DADICUS said...

I dig the pic alot and really like the amazing lasso you did very design'E She's really sexy too way to go!

antonio said...

Thank you Dadicus :) :) and great to see you around !!! :)...JESUS ANTONIO