Monday, August 01, 2005

The Corner..... Chuck Gibson Part THREE

Guys I am starting the month of August and I will try to celebrate my first Year blogging with some increible interviews to friends,people I admire and incredible creators over the months.
If everything comes great I will set a new interview everyweek.

Well this is the last part of the Interview I made to a great person and friend Chuck Gibson.
I couldn`t finish our last talk till now but it has been great because many things are changed.

If you want to see part ONE and TWO you need to check in the Archives.

To start Chuck is the person that demonstrates me the value of Loyalty and what is to be a really good professional and friend.

JESUS ANTONIO:Hey Chuck! All the time that has passed since the last questions made to you.
I have read about you deciding to become a penciler more formally.As I told you previously it is I guess the best smart move to do and I just imagine how your work will develop from now on.
Why the change?

CHUCK GIBSON:I've spent over 10 years as an inker and I think I've gone as far with it as I'm going to, really. This was always the plan from the beginning---the final goal is to write, pencil, ink, and color---doing the whole job or whatever parts interest me at that time. That's always been the goal when I aspired to get into this business. I want to be able to do it all if I want to.

JESUS ANTONIO:Plans for the future as an inker? as an artist? as a person?

CHUCK GIBSON:I have a no plans as an inker for the near future. If a project is something I want to do, then I'll ink---but no plans in the immediate future to continue inking as my sole career. As an artist, I'm going back and trying to do the things I skipped over in my development before. I'm planning on going back to school either to get a degree or going to the Gnomon school in LA to train to do 3D animation. I'm not sure which one I'll do at the moment. The main goal is to go back and do the things that are good for an artist to do that I've skipped over. A real 'back to basics' sort of goal going on.

JESUS ANTONIO:People still believe that it is easy to find a job in this medium You and I know the reality on that but What do you say to yourself everytime just not to let yourself down? I am always impressed in a very good way in the way you are realizing and understanding what is around you.

CHUCK GIBSON:I've actually spent YEARS in denial about the conclusions I've reached recently. These are things that people told me over and over that I simply didn't want to hear. I've spent a good portion of my career waiting for the business to rebound out of the slump it's been in and finally got tired of waiting for things to get better. Comics are all I've ever really wanted to do and I hate thinking of it this way, but I have a family to support and if I can't make a living here, I owe it to them to explore other things to try to do better financially. I don't think I'll ever stop doing comics entirely---I'll always do them for myself if nothing else---but I can't count on it for my living any more and I need to move along professionally because of that.

JESUS ANTONIO:What is the new work We are going to see from you or has been recently printed?

CHUCK GIBSON:Right now I'm ducking out of sight. I'm spending time on commission work and on personal work only. I want the industry to forget about me a little bit so that when I come back as a penciler there isn't a pre-conceived notion about what I can or can't do.

JESUS ANTONIO:Well this is the final question from the interview and I am just grateful to you and the person I know you are.
Do you want to say something else You think I forgot to ask or say?

CHUCK GIBSON:I think we pretty much covered it all. It's been a pleasure and I thank you for having me over to your forum here. It's been great.

End part Three.

I will let you guys know all the work that Chuck might be doing in teh long and short future.
I am wishing him the best on this new journey, and I am sure our paths will be united some day in work terms and in friendship.

Thanks Chuck again for being who you are!! :)


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