Sunday, March 26, 2006

10th Anniversary.

Ten years ago my grandmother passed away...I just can't believe all this time has passed.
Tomorrow I will take some time to explore the subject.

GrandMom was maybe the most important person in my life and the one I took all my values!

I am the one with the belly and the classical mushroom hairdo :).
I was trying to remember the day My Grandmother died and well I remembered She really suffered from a chronic illness and that it was really bad her condition the last days She was into the so called agony.
My family still does not understand that I was the only one who didn`t cry for her and the loss, for me it was more than simple the equation= I really enjoyed my times with her that there`s no regret at all.
I try not to remember her everytime, because My grandmother told me She didn`t want me to do so because She didn`t want to see me suffering bedcause of her. So I just let her go in my own way...there are some tiny times I do miss her but I guess is quite normal.
10 years...My God!



Mazeekeen said...

Oh, I really sorry!
Well, my younger cousin died just two years ago (cancer) and I still miss him. I can't believe it too... two years, and I still remember the last day that I saw him... so... I know how you feel.

The Old Lady said...

I know you forget how fast time goes.My parents have been dead for 19 years.It doesn't seem that long though.

Wondy Woman Celebrity Gossip Addict said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear that Jesus, but I'm fairly sure her values live on in you and she'd be so proud of who you are and how you've grown over the ten years.


Wondy x