Thursday, March 02, 2006

Easy to bruise, easy to please!!.

Thanks Pinky June for the wishful thoughts. I also hope I give a solution asap.
I have been thinking in selling some artwork, to find an agent (I have to admit that the idea of getting an agent is not what I expect, but maybe I need an extra hand to help me move my work faster) and to accept small comissions but now I am trying to think in the right way to do so, because I do not want and I will not harm my timings and my commited comic artwork load I have to get done as soon as I am more free in time with my teams of work.
Today I stayed home trying to think in something and I had some hours to take the pencils since some weeks ago, it is just an exercise and I hope to sent the scan soon.
I could not go an fix the money issue in the school today but hopefully tomorrow I will do it!
Tomorrow will be also used to organizing the Urban Study and the Booklets so I have a busy weekend!

Great day to you all!!


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