Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My great day: Prime Fight.

This was my favorite fight that was the Prime Event! I saw Dr. Wagner and his brother Silver vs. L.A. Park and Superpark. I have to say that Dr. Wagner is one of my favorite wrestlers ever, as you can see they fought really closed from my sit in fact I could see that they were really hitting eachother and really hard.

I thought this day would be so lame and not at all on the contrary I was for the first time cheering and shouting and cursing.I had a very good end of the day!
And tomorrow back to normality...:(



Mazeekeen said...

You make me remember when I was younger and I saw WWF on TV XD. I really enjoy wrestling too ^_^.

antonio said...

hahahhahahah When you were younger..You are young only 30 sounds like a good age.

hahahah I am really happy to be living in my country because it is full of many things to discover and in my case Luchas was my discovery I never expected to like them!!


The Old Lady said...

My boys always watch the wrestling as well.Would you believe my grandma used to go when she was younger and watch as well.

Mazeekeen said...

Well, I think I feel now a little younger XDD. Thank you.