Monday, March 20, 2006

Do Spiritis Return? Thou Shalt not Say for Now.

June,Wondy and Annita thanks a lot for the words on Ambar.
I was telling a friend the plot and well He liked the idea so far, a little wicked from his own words I hope to start the whole project by the end of this year.
Today nothing really happened I went to the market with a friend to buy some stuff I needed for a search in something I am writing.
I am taking tomorrow to still processing more info for the booklets...Ohhh wait yes I bought a new movie I am eager to watch.
It is called "Infection" and seems to be a very good movie expect the review soon.
I am taking also some minutes to sketch.

Welcome Spring!

Have a great day and see ya over the week in case I am absent!


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