Thursday, March 09, 2006

Real life sucks!

Have you ever been like working or being acting in a mechanical way recently?.
Well for me it has been happening for the last 4 days, I am a little nervous because there are many things to do and so little time to accomplish them.
I haven`t shaved in about 5 days I need to do so but I haven`t had the time, I have been eating so poorly. I was told by my Teacher that in 9 days the Worshop is starting (I need to pay tomorrow the 700 bucks, I had them now!!!, broke for two weeks but it will be worthy) and there is some stuff He needs to have it redone and rewritten again so that means I will be over busy this whole week and weekend trying to figure out what my teacher wants, I only hope that all the time I have invested doesn`t go to the sewer. Besides that I need to start working in the study of the Urban Area I am in charge and well love life as usual with no change (well there is one but It is so strange again so I will talk about it over the weekend and tell you guys what happened and what it didn`t happen).
For the first time I am clueless I do not even know how to start in the correct way to approach a girl...and my social life is reduced to almost ziltch,zero, nada.
I miss those slacking days where I was creating and drawing...I am really counting the days one by one!!!!.
Real life sucks but at the same time We have to deal with it!!

Have a great day all of you!!


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The Old Lady said...

you sound a little stressed.Hope you get a break soon.