Sunday, March 05, 2006

Golden Crowns and Lions.

Today was a good day in some terms specially because I was told that I am starting the Workshop to finally end my studies on March 18th!!!, it got published the course today and well over the week I need to get the money to pay for it, so I am some months away from my desired freedom!!! Yay!!!!!. I need to see the number of weeks to start talking to Nik about our work. (From what I know there are about 20 weekends starting that date).
MMMMMyyyyyyyy GoDDDDDDD!!!!
Have you seen the new video "Gold Lion"? What is wrong with you guys?!! Well the incredible group Yeah Yeah Yeahs has released it and till today I had the time to watch it!!
Also If you have some time listen "I see you,You see me" from The Magic Numbers...beautiful stuff and the video good also.
I also had another favorite one from the Black Eyed Peas using the song from The Tarantino`s movie "Pump it"..damn great mix!!!.
So I am starting my busy week to catch up with the booklets and stuff Ohh My God good things are finally falling together!!!

See ya and Have a great day!!

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