Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Been there, Done that!

I just do not really know how to call this post, well so many good things have been good today, a friend of mine the one that is with me doing the Social Service has been offered a position in the Office and I am really happy for him because He is a really nice guy, the funny thing is that part of the reason He got the offer was because of some studies done by both of us but mainly by my reports, for a funny reason I have a tendency to write incredible studies and reports analyzing Urban zones and to edit and coordinate them.Well team work!
He went today at home to give me the news and I was just congratulating him a lot because that also makes more solid the study We are doing for that contest We need to send over May.And well I was helping him with his resume. He is a really nice guy and really funny because He told me He needed some economical stability soon to pay for the last part of his studies thing that I relate a lot because for the same reason I stopped my studies for about 5 years. I dunno what I would have said If I were in his shoes because of the way my life has been over this time.
Tomorrow I am going to finally fix a situation with some money I need to collect from the school where I am working and as you know because of the studies I am only giving two clases.
I wonder when I will get my own economical stability? but in my own terms (that means breaking tru the comic medium, illustrating and designing).
Then my weekend will be really busy continuing with weeks and booklets 4, 5 and 6 for the workshop that has been delayed but hopefully in less of 12 days will start.I need to pay about 700 bucks for the course so I will try to sell some work to recover the money soon.
About comic work well I was told by one of my best friends that He is getting really busy so He will wait for a better window frame to help me, what it means I need to work in a backup plan so when August comes I will have a very solid direction to follow aside the work I am involved with my friends and collegues in USA,Spain and UK.
I am really eager to see months pass so fast and to be in my Sabattical!
About love life well nothing new...maybe I have some news but in a couple of days.
Also I am really thinking in learning in getting my artwork into the virtual reality I was having my numbers and I need around 7000 or more dollars to buy a nice Mac a Wacom tablet and a cintiq...If you know a way to collect that amount of money soon let me know guys!!!
Hey If you have contacts to help me get those items cheaper or get some help let me know, I wish I could find my Medici or sponsor to nurture my work and future work. :) :)

Ciao!! and great day!!!


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The Old Lady said...

Wish i had an idea with the money situation.Good luck anyway.