Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday 19 missing 18.

Well this Saturday was a quiet and boring one, I attended my Workshop today and Well I was drinking a diet soda while I was listening to my teacher that was sick by the way.
The explanation was boring because you know I know the information He is giving but I had a nice time confirming I am not that dumb in terms of design.
I was even falling asleep some moments of the Conference but I tried to be interested and I did it!
After the Workshop I was telling my teacher about the project I have in hands to design the office one of my brothers started to rent as his Law Office, He said that the project is quite small but He doesn`t mind at least for the amount of work I will have on it. I added also the design of a backyard and probably next week I will have the measurements of the place to start designing and hopefully finish the Monography as fast as I can.
I arrived home and nobody took me out so I slept from 7:00 to 11:00 pm today, so now I am sleepless and with a mild burn in my stomach I guess I ate too much sauce!

I have no plans for tomorrow, for the weekend, Yes!! I am attending TWO shows of Luchas the same week!!! Yay!!!!
Ahh probably I need to finish a sypnosis to send to someone by tomorrow!

Great day to you all and now it is Movie time!!! Twinky Wonder,Wonder why? :)


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