Thursday, March 23, 2006

What the beep Do I know?

Very fast post I hope at night to update this one.
But in the meantime a hello to you all.
I have a surprise for the next couple of days and today at night I need to work on the next chapter of Bodoque.
Btw I watched the movie "What the beep Do you know?".
A really good movie documentary type.
In fact I always like to listen to JZ Knight specially when She is tune to that entity.
You do not know what the beep I am talking to, right?.
JZ has written some books I also want to have in my hands but one day for sure I will get them!!

Have a great time!!



AnnaRaven said...

A surprise? wow

antonio said...

Yeaph Bonita Anita probably tomorrow I will add something you may like!!!