Friday, March 17, 2006

Fresh or Senior...damn!! so many choices!

Yesterday I was a little concerned because I received a phone call from my teacher telling me that the grade is already in my file and that I need to start the paper work to receive a certificate one before the proper Diploma to have the degree in Architecture.
Well the problem was that I didn`t remember If I had done the extra-curricular subject specially sports.
Well today I went to the school to get the passing grades from "sports" and "arts" that I took while I was studying so now that I have all the papers in need I only need two things to finish my career:

1.-The Workshop that starts tomorrow!!!
2.-To pass the English exam that I will probably take by May If I get the money to do so!
I need to include the Social Service that I am finishing it over April so I already count this as done and paying more money for the paperwork ..well!!!

I am also in wait for some news about Comic stuff to talk here.
See ya!!


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