Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mistical Experience.

Well I am coming back from Las Luchas and I had a nice time, this time We were in the 4th row (I normally have tickets for the second :) ).
And I liked the show,this time there was no blood last time I went Mr. Aguila hit Mistico in the head and destroyed his mask and He was bleeding so hard from his forehead (I was some inches away from the two fighters so I am 100% sure that what I saw that time was blood I even so the wound, I took some photos today that I hope to load tomorrow there are not many but it will be fun to see!.
I went with my Dad, Mariana (my friend) and my Teacher, btw probably I am paying for the course tomorrow morning.
Next fight it will be Awesome because wrestler girls are fighting and I like an exotic wrestler (In my country they like to call exotic as a synonim of Gay) called Maximo aside the Wagner Brothers that will be figthing in 15 days!!. Today I was giving classes nothing really different or odd to talk about, I had a nice talk to Aidee one of my best friends and she was telling what to do with long distance girl and the new one that I will star calling shy girl. I am taking this weekend to work on the next workload of my Teacher and I will finally have the start on Saturday of the Workshop to get my degree.
I will have the Workshop on Saturdays and I will start counting the number of classes that I have to attend (20 weeks in total). I have some plans for the next couple of months about comic work, an official website and catching up with what I owe to people in relation to Comic work.

By the way I found this photo of Maximo, few times I have said this but this incredible wrestler is also a very nice person and honestly a "must" to see in a fight, when He is in the program you know that only because of him the ticket is worthy!

Have a great time and see ya tomorrow!!!



The Old Lady said...

Wow what a costume he has.

antonio said...
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antonio said...

hahhahah and believe me He is a very good wrestler!