Monday, March 27, 2006

A Tale of Two Sisters.

June and Wondy thanks a lot for your words I hope in a couple of hours to talk more about the Anniversary and thank you so much for what you wrote, the same goes to Mazeekeen thanks for dropping by and Welcome!
Thanks for the words about my work!! :) :)
Yesterday I had the chance to watch this movie " A tale of two sisters" that is a Korean horror movie done in 2004.
A great movie, but it is so easy and complex that you need to watch it two times to understand the whole concept!
I got a very good taste in my mouth after watching it!!
I am still waiting to watch "Infection"
At least I saw a fresh way to tell a good story!!

I have some stuff to talk but I need to give a class and I return.

Have a great time!!


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