Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Crash and bullets.

I just came from watching this movie in the house of my friend Mariana and gosh!!!! One of the best written movies I have seen so far this year, a little harsh at the beginning specially in the script and the way the stereotype roles were handled, some dull angles of camera but a really good movie.
The Downer probably is that it became a lecture in a slight way but in the overall very nice movie.
In case you find a relation to Amores Perros, yeaph!, you are right but is only for the system they used to write the movie, a very very good movie!!
Go and watch it or rent it!!



wondy woman said...

Amores Perres is one of my favourite films ever utterly utterly awesome

antonio said...

Yes you are right is a very good movie...I do not why but I remember a prior spanish movie with a similar plot but I am not sure!!