Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday 20 missing 19.

Hey guys from now on I will try to retell my advance in the Workshop that I started yesterday and well this is Week 20 (I will finish the Workshop on the last week of August and considering Vacation time and everything, there are 19 more weeks of classes to end).
I am including this also as a reminder of my duties with the course and what I will do, I am still behind schedule from the notes of this course and this week I need to end at least 2 more weeks because I will also need to write down a Monography that is in fact a design project. I will use use this space to load the process I use in designing Architecture.
I already selected my project that will be the remodeling of the office (Interior Design) :) my brother is trying to open and I need to solve the problems there. I only need the permit from my teacher to start as soon as possible. So I will probably load images, perspectives and plans of the project.
I want to do something good because this can be also another way to receive more money designing Interiors here in my hometown.
The funny part was to see some friends of mine much older with more pounds and less hair (me included) :) :)...From what it was yesterday I had a very pleasant and nice group to work with.

Great day and see ya over the week!


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