Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Acting Edge

Well As I have already written the story of Flame with all the 3 poems I will use on it, now
I am working in some little stuff in my free minutes and I was thinking in using again a Poem to write down a Second Gothic story entitled Ambar.

Ambar©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez.

I write my own sins not my tragedies, what I said to you.
Cross my heart not to die,what you replied.
None of Us respected those words.
Tragedy crossed my heart
and fingertips over that glass.
Flesh and Bones
crashed and shattered calls
My heart in a cage
your soul in endless air
I woke around the same fog
and fingertips over the glass.
Whose the one to blame?
Free will and a sharp glass
Say what I am
Shout what I am not
Your broke your fear in blood
You broke my heart and walls
This is my only song to Say Goodbye...

Have a great day!!


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The Old Lady said...

Love the poem