Monday, March 06, 2006

Proclamare la Parola

Funny but today I spent mostly all my day in buses paying for some stuff I owed and to ask for some money people need to pay to me.
Tomorrow will be busy and I am again behind schedule but yesterday aside the Poem I wrote (thanks for the words June, I hope it makes sense the Gothic words, yeah I know sounds more Victorian words :)) I made this one in spanish.
Long time ago I used to write poetry but I always thought I was sissy and not a gifted one so I stopped doing it.

Traza en tiza, demonios y hadas.
De flores y olores, caen de tus hombros caldos deseos.
De sones y amores, elevan caricias y lerdas pasiones,
Derramas en piel chiqueos
Deformas silencios en dulces te quieros
De lineas y manos escondes misterios
Define mi pasos
Traza en tiza,demonios y hadas.

The translation:
Draw in chalk, demons and fairies
From flowers and smells, hot desires fall from your shoulders
From tunes and love, ascend caresses and slow passions,
Giving freely childish caressings
Deforming silences in sweets I love you`s
From lines and hands your misteries hiding
Define my path
Draw in chalk, demons and fairies.

Really hard to translate the lines taking in consideration those were done in spanish first.
I am sure Bonita Annita might like the poem :)
Have a great day!!



The Old Lady said...

I know things never translate exactly as you write in another language.But,i REALLY like the english translation of it.

MsNice said...

I like it too. About the translation, It may lose the alliteration, but it's a quite good one.

antonio said...

Ms Nice and June thank you so much for the words.
As you can see Nice the poem in spanish has an special rythm and in the translation it was only to translate...thank you.
the difference is to keep the rythims for instance the poem I did called Ambar is totally done in english so now the rythm is different than the one that is a pure translation.
Thanks for the words Nice