Saturday, March 04, 2006

I am well aware how it aches!

Well these past two days have been busy as usual.
I am starting the workload of the booklets this weekend so next one to be devoted on the Social Service (btw my friend is happy with his new job and I am happy for him :) ).
Well I am structuring the project of selling artwork to buy those things I really need (A mac, a wacom tablet and that Cintiq graphic pen), I got in touch with a museum in my country and a great gal sent me some mails of people so now I am in talks to a person to see how factible my work in the area of Sequential Art can become cultural and also a good way to get a nice economical profit, this person is quite frank and is not promising anything thing that I really appreciate but at the same time said that If something comes in the level of showcasing my work or doing something together He will see and tell me.An in another funny way We (this incredible girl and I) keep in touch from now on and that is great because She is working in one of the best museums on my country. And I really appreciate her trust in me, I am sure good things are approaching with all this mess called life.
I am still sending many letters via snail mails to some people to see If I can get some help (obviously with a retribution!!...I do not expect to get things for free).
Well please some favors people...If you can promote my work with your contacts I will really appreciate it, or If you know a Mogol who can help let me know :) :).
I just forgot to say that some weeks ago but one of the best political cartoonist of my country said that I am a great penciler and this girl from the museum said my work is really good!!, man! I felt really blushed when they commented that, and I am happy because that means I am in good track.

Nik I received the mail I am checking dates I guess now depends on when I finish the workshop that has been delayed, talk to you in some days!.
Kino no worries in fact I have been busy myself, nothing to worry pal!.

Talking about Faust, I want a new toy: :) :D
Hey can someone would like to send me this home? :) but in yellow my shoe size is 27.5 cm! hahahaha!!! (keep dreaming :) , oh my God a dream come true)

Have a great day!!


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