Monday, March 13, 2006

Ancient Toltec Ruins.

This is my first drawing in several weeks!!
I was about to paint it for a contest but to be realistic now I do not have the time to invest on it!
So I send the image to a nice guy and friend of mine that is organizing this contest based on a funny character of his own and obviously telling him this is the only thing I can do for now!
Xolo drawn by truly yours!!
Xolo is a Character of Raul TreviƱo one of the nice fellas here in my country!!

I have more comments but later at night or tomorrow I will do so!
Great day!!



The Old Lady said...

Its really good.a shame you never had time to enter it in the contest.

antonio said...

June!!! Raul already set me on the contest so I am in!!
But I wished I had myself some time to send a more detailed version but I do not have the time, my bad!!


chuck gibson said...

Jesus friend, I mean this with absolute affection for your well being when I say I DON'T EVER want to hear about you taking several weeks away from drawing completely EVER again! Little story my friend, years and years ago I was actually MUCH better at penciling than I am now, but years of neglecting paying any attention to proportion or shapes and focussing on line technique and lighting REALLY screwed up my drawing skills. I've spent YEARS trying to regain some of the 'ease' I used to have with it and still haven't recovered it. Doesn't take that long either---you lay off for a while and then come back and try it again, and it's just GONE!!!---and you may never remember/recover the mindset you used to have so naturally that made you able to draw! It CAN happen---beware!


antonio said...

Chuck My Dear friend!!!!!
Thank you so much for the words of wisdom I was also concerned about being without practicing for that long it was my mistake for being so absorbed in the studies, nothing to worry because starting next week I have made myself the promise to start drawing again minimum 2 hours a day, last year when I was not with the stuff of the studies I was almost all day long drawing...I won`t repeat this again..tahnk you so much for the concern.....btw I am writing to you about the scans, the guy who is editing Robot Love told me he needs only the inks to start the ball rolling..and well talk to you in private telling you what is going on!!!
Thank you so much Chuck you are incredible my friend...JESUS ANTONIO