Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hollywood or Hong Kong

Before something else comes up to my mind...Happy Day Ladies!!!!.
Yesterday night I was zapping and I found this incredible movie in one of the Cultural channels available in my country.
I loved the movie!!!!!!!One of those movies I do not want to spoil any info of the movie,Tiny was my favorite character of this movie, I was laughing my ass off the whole movie and the scenes were incredible, it is a spotless movie, in fact I got a new idea for an exercise Annita Bonita and the good guys of Strange Corners are developing.
Goooooooo!!!! and Watch Hollywood Hong Kong filmed over 2001 and showcased in 2002 a great Chinese movie directed by Fruit Chan. Are We men pigs? :) . Tong Tong can answer that! :)

Great day and June you are right!


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The Old Lady said...

Looks like an interesting film