Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vaudeville in tiny Chunks of Cake!

I am starting tomorrow a really busy week so I am trying to advance in some stuff as I am writing this, probably I will be working overnight to catch up with some things, my teacher didn`t show up to tell me what to correct but I will see him tomorrow hopefully or on Tuesday where We are going to Las Luchas together well his children, my Dad, Mariana my friend and I. Expect a review in case I take some photos of the event!!!.
I need also to start the gathering of the information of the Study of the Urban Area We are in charge.
Thanks June for the words I really need to chill out a bit better and now I am just starting week 4 of the booklets and see If my Teacher has the right info to start because I am about to start the Workshop with him and I am a little nervous because this is the last kick to finish with a whole year that was hard but closing circles are near.
I still do not know If I will have time to drop here and say hello but I will try.
Also expect some images over this week or next.
Need to shave, need to shave and get into my regular eating habits because I have been eating a lot of fat and now I need to stay in my regulars. :).
I even advanced the new Installment of La Kodorniz just in case I have no time to bring a new one, so I already drew one page as a backup.
Lovelife....sucking!! :) :)
Wondy thank you so much!!

Have a great start of the Week!


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