Thursday, March 16, 2006

Roller coaster and good music.

I saved some months for this so I hope this weekend to finally buy this compact. This is the new compact released by Kashmir a group I always loved and I can say it is maybe one of the best from the group they got me with the new videos from the album The Cynic a great video with David Bowie and "The curse of being a girl" that is an incredible simple video and yes, you can see also the slip of a nipple. Beautiful music indeed.
Watch the video of The curse of being a girl here!
I also watched the new video of Massive attack featuring Terry Callier with the song "Live with me"...amazing music as usual. Some people have asked me If I am into hip hop and well not really it is not part of my taste although I am not fond of hip hop there are some groups or people that really stands by themselves. I like Ludacris, N.e.r.d. and Cypres Hill.

ps: did some people had a hard time to post for some time a new post or image?
I was having some problems and well now everything is again good and again bad :(

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