Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Water on my feet and a candle light in my sight.

Today has been kind of free and lazy, I need to call the school were I work to see If my check is in and pay for the course, in case the check is not there I will have to wait for tomorrow.
I haven`t said that over these past 3 weeks while I am on the buses to go to my Social Service or to work, I have been planning the story I want to write that is connected to THIRD DEATH.
And some moments ago I finally decided the look for the main female character of my story. The story of AMBAR. I will use a similar look to what Lulu or Louise used to be (I received an early risque vintage photo showing this incredible beautiful german actress and I was only thinking in her:) ). Taking those 2 hours of practice I will try to work on something with Ambar over this month.
I even know now her horrible secret and what makes her a monster in the eyes of the closer ones.
Yes, as usual is a noir pulp horror Comic in the works!

I am taking a nap!
So see ya later!!


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