Monday, March 13, 2006

Horns and Horses.

Today seems like a much brighter day! I have sent part of the work to my teacher and I stood up all night long working in the booklets.
I need to go today to my Social Service and well by Wednesday I will pay for my course (I am receiving some money that day as well it comes and goes away the same day :) ).
I am taking a shower today and washing some clothing I need to, and I need to buy also new jeans so I hope by Friday to do so!
Have a great day and see you over the day!


PS:I am planning to watch a horror movie today!:) :)

Update one:
I already shaved and I had a nice day in the overall I was offered a job in the place where I am giving my Social Service..I dunno what to answer!
I am going to watch the horror movie in some hours...!!
See ya!!

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