Thursday, March 16, 2006

How to crash without wheels.

This day has been quite odd, nice parts and horrible ones!
I took almost all morning and part of the afternoon paying my debts and the course I was waiting for (now I just ran out of money). I have paid what I thought was the last payment to get all studies stuff I am in need, I am quite happy that all this year I took to solve the situation with my school is finally at the point where I see that it was good to invest all this time and money.
Well, I found out that I have to pay for an extra exam (second language exam to get my degree) (The school incremented the cost in over 300%!!!) so for now I will apply the exam by July when I have enough money to pay for that single exam that by the way is of English, I do not want to confide in my level because If I do not pass I will have to take some courses and I will be stuck for more months and to be honest I just had it for now, I just want to finish everything. Well I saw many friends I had not seen for ages, funny but they started (the majority of them were female friends) telling about the crappy day they had or the things that are doing, I am a good listener and I just took my time to listen to them and when they asked my about my life I just got that kind of sour knot on the throat and nothing came...why?!!!
I do not know maybe I am a little blue..well suffice is to say that I just avoided the conversation and said goodbye to the 3 girls I saw today as fast as I could.
Since yesterday I have been in a weird mood, I hope at night to say why not so hard or painful the whole situation I am just geting to a point that I do not really care more what happens in terms of my tiny heart at least for now and the following months (Mistery will be revealed in a new episode of Love for Dummies so stay tuned :) :) ).
I need to finish the new episode of Bodoque so tomorrow I will load the past collaboration, and well I will take today at night some hours to draw something to practice.
So If everything goes well I will load some new art over next week!!

Have a great time all of you!!


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