Sunday, March 19, 2006


Ambar©2006 Jesús Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez.

Well As I was telling some time ago I already have the visual look for the main character that is Ambar.
I already have the sypnosis.
Also one of the changes in the artistic part is that I will use the best I have into this project and I will also make a big step in trying to eliminate at least for this work "cross hatching" for a more powerful look on it. I really want people to Wow everytime they see a page done for this project that I stated is the beggining of Third Death.
I only can say that Ambar is a beautiful insect trapped in a piece of Ambar that happens to be her life.
I do not have deadlines of times to finish this because:
1.-It is being done in my few free times and also because this won`t stop from the commitments I already have.

Great day and hope you are enjoying this!!



AnnaRaven said...

she look gorgeous!
willing to read more about her :D

AnnaRaven said...
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antonio said...

I will try to send you the sypnosis in a couple of days!!!

Bonita annita ya me tenias abandonado......que pasa? Jolines!!

Un abrazo beso y lo que corresponda :).

btw what did you write and later deleted? :) :)


The Old Lady said...

I love the angular look to her face.She looks cat like.

wondy woman said...

She's beautiful Jesus - I like to see more of her!!

antonio said...

If I have some time in about a month I will load The cover!!!!
Thanks for the words beautiful ladies!!


AnnaRaven said...

siento no haber posteado, no pasaba por un buen momento y no se me ocurría nada que decir :S

Borré un comentario porque posteé el mismo dos veces ;)
Un besazo, cielo

antonio said...

Corazoncito...que pena saber que estuviste un dia malo...ojala ya todo este mucho mejor...
Un beso y mi resto!!!