Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Love for Dummies. Life is just a Teaser.

Well finally long distance girl answered the mail,well not the mail properly but a message in my inbox.
In few words She said that She didn`t like my attitude and the way I reacted knowing She was kidding so She just thought the things better and She rather have me as a friendly friend and not something more because as She said She doesn`t want to end up things in a much worst way knowing her character and She prefers to have nice things to say about me and not to screw everything up.
I haven`t aswered her mail yet (I still do not know that to write to her), hopefully in a week I will answer but I need to think in the words I will use because I do not want to sound sour but I want to state some things bothering me about her attitude.
What I learned is that...okey I am quite selfish in some stuff but I learned I can not open a person that is in worse shape than I (shape mentally talking), Now long distance girl is again out of the state in the distance taking time after a big quarrel She got with her family and everything just after a disastrous business She opened with her family....So only friends, so It is her up!.
So be it!
Talking on another matter do you remember that I got the phone number of a girl that is really cute?... well happens that I sent her a message via the phone and She didn`t answered (a friend of mine told me that is normal because maybe She didn`t have credit to send a message the same via), well I called her twice to her number yesterday and the last one the one that was answered by someone else (a little boy),well no response back, I have called her some minutes ago and well the number is taking me to the voice inbox (I do not like to send voice messages)...Shall I stop trying to contact her?...
Well life is really a dumb teaser!! :)

See ya!!


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The Old Lady said...

You don't seem to be having much luck this week on the love front.Don't give up yet though.Things will improve.