Saturday, March 11, 2006

11 de MARZO

I normally wait till the printing day to show the new cartoon prepared to La Kodorniz but in this case I guess it has to be done in another way taking in consideration the topic. Tomorrow You will see this image in the web page and another of Bodoque.

I just want to say hello to all my friends over Spain that have been incredibly supportive to my work and to me as a person that is one of the reasons I remembered this tragic day, becasue many friends I knew suffered from the hands of terrorism and well the image is only a reminder to keep remembering days like that to be constructive and learn.

A todos mis amigos en EspaƱa se como duele el 11 porque lo vivi igual que ustedes, ademas porque se todo el apoyo que ustedes han tenido para mi trabajo y para mi como persona.Ojala esta imagen sea solo un recordatorio que no debemos olvidar!!

Un abrazo!!!
And thousand hugs!!


I got interested in opening one account since some time so there We go!
Obviously this is my Main Blog but I will update My space place every Sunday! I want to see how this works, because I want to use this place to get new friends and to handle it differently from what I do here. So now you have more ways to contact me!:)

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