Wednesday, March 01, 2006

To Blog or not to Blog

Firstable before getting into topics.
Dear Wondy I read the thank you words and I really appreciate them because I also saw the factor you noticed over the music I like, it was a really hard experiment to remember those images that filled your life.Btw tell me when Portishead releases the new album I just can not wait to have it in my hands. :) .
About long distance girl I suppose everything is just sent to NOWHERE state. I mean she hasn`t answered my past mail so I won`t care at least for now.
Well Pinky Pinky I have read the new post and You are right about doing what you like to do without waiting to be liked or not for what you write or don`t write. I agree with everybody that you`d have done something else. In my case I know there are some people reading my blog to know what is going on: friends, artists,pleople I admired and also people I know I wouldn`t like them to do it, but that is the risk of free speech and liberty, The only way I see my blog and my journal is quite easy.
I normally ommit names I mean I do not really care about names because sometimes my point is only to say what happened in my regular life and not to point out any heads.Grand`ma used to tell me that If I do not have good things to say about people just keep silent, someone else besides you can be the executioner.
Also the people I want to reach are bilinguals so I know I can be understood by people I want to reach eventually.
I also write this blog in English because is my only way to prevent people I do no want to read these lines, and in case they drop by here they have to bring at least a Dictionary to read it! :)
I know I never offend people using this place because I consider I have an ethical responsibility or not harming because I do believe in Karma and what involves. I know a blog can be really dangerous sometimes.
And in case a person confronts me from what I have written here, well I do not really give a damn rat shit!
I am happy with myself and I want to see this blog also a way my future Family understands my tastes and my likes aside the things I hate, this blog is my capsule of time so when I get and reach my goals to keep reading this space and to see where I am from and what are my values and reafirm my ideals. Damn I am tired of reincarnating so I want to do everything right this time!!! :) :)

Have a great day all of you!!
Pinky You know I am with you.!!!


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