Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Before and After. (Inking)

Hey guys!!
I got a class canceled so I decided to take that free time to finish with a nice experiment many people I admire and like are doing just for the fun of it.
The exercise is quite simple is to draw something easy (I guess you remember the Superman I drew some time ago) and after to ink a piece, but the piece was selected at random.
I had the nice privilege to ink the pencils of Cesar a very nice friend and person, and well PJ(THANKS in advance) will ink my piece (from what I know another nice friend will also ink the Superman thing that really makes me happy and glad).
I have to be honest and maybe many people will understand me that there are some incredible rules given recently by people like Sandra Hope,Aaron, the great McCleod and many more giving the principles in how to and well I have realized that it is more the method that suits you and also the material you have around.
For us, people living in other countries is really difficult to have the material to work in fact some of the times We are not even sure We are using the right materials, some of the products never land the country and when they do are expensive and low quality or in short quantities so no matter if you finally find the right material, there are many chances you never get that material again.
So I normally ink with markers and I am learning to use the brush correctly (I am still in my baby steps).
About the way I have to be honest I really like to interact with the inking to make people know that I was the inker so I modify when possible and trying to emulate what the great Kevin Nowlan does: to attack the page with the personality. I really tried to respect as much as possible and correct what it was possible to do and well I am glad with the result.
Hope you guys like it!!
I hope I made you proud Cesar!! :)



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Mazeekeen said...

Yes, it's really nice. ^_^
A great result.

wondy woman said...

That is INCREDIBLE Jesus!! I love it