Thursday, April 21, 2005

100 things about me (part one)

bubu lubu Posted by Hello

hahah I decide to open up a bit so well.

1.-Did you know I suffer mild dislexia?, I can draw and write in the mirrow effect I can even write upside down full sentences. That is also one of the reasons I always change the order of the words and even eat full letters when writing.
2.-I do not eat junkfood the only guilty pleasure is to eat Bubulubus (I combination of marshmellow,chocolate and strawberry jam) and drink a lot of Soda (my only vices).
3.-I do not drive and obviously dancing is really difficult to accomplish.
4.-I do not drink or smoke, it seems that with a couple of beers I am totally hammered.
5.-My grandmother gave me the roots and the background I have been following all my life. I love my parents but I have to say that the person who educated me was my Grandma Jovita.
6.-I am very loyal, I cheated only once and learnt nothing about it.
7.-I once in a disco kissed 3 different girls the same night. (Yay!!).
8.-I do not know how to swim, I was about to drown some years ago so I do not really like to go to beaches.
9.-I love cold places!
10-I love silent movies. I am sure You do not know this!! :)
11.-I have only once surgery (nose ... a person broke my nose playing basketball).
12.-My favorite ever group is PORTISHEAD
13.-I used to be afraid of number 13 but now the real meaning and I love to see it!
14.-I like Tall darked skin girls or Short white skin with black curly hair. I always wanted to have a red head girl...someday!!
15.-I do not like to give second chances.
16.-Seems I know how to read some mancias or at least understand them.
17.-I used to and still design using the golden numbers and traces! (Templar way).
18.-I always wear in grey,blue and black.
19.-I used to study in a Catholic school (elementary, junior high school and high school in the same place).
20.-I would never work in an office.
21.-I will draw Batman and Captain America ( Someday....I am sure of it!).
22.-I always wanted to be bald.
23.-I love Lupita (keep it as a secret).
24.-I am totally loyal to my friends and they know that.
25.-I suffer Insominia.

Have a great time!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

So,nice to learn things about you.
Why bald?
I guessed 23.
And i always thought you loyal person

antonio said...

Why Bald? I guessed my father was losing his hair and also the mother of my father soinstead of fighting to genetics. I really want to become bald I even thought of the perfect look with the bald.
About 23 hahah I knew you would guess it!!! Damn damn love!!!
And well I am very loyal. :)..JESUS ANTONIO

Have a great day!! Is your car much better?

Sask 1 said...

My car a little better.I had someone look at my brakes like Walker suggested.So,it not quite so noisy.But its very old car so maybe getting close to the end of its life.