Thursday, April 21, 2005

100 things about me (part TWO)

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26.-I am a little afraid of heights!
27.-The only thing that makes me run in panic is a set of paintings from the Virreinato in a museum in my hometown. I do not know what happens to me but when I am in front of them I start feeling so terrible to even start shaking.
28.-I am not afraid of Death, for me is just another step.
29.-I wear a silver medal everytime with me. My Grandmother gave it to me before dying.
30-When I draw I always start playing with my tongue and I bite my nails.
31.-I had a very big scar in my head because When I was young I wanted to play Superman so I climbed a rooft and I jumped off.
32.-The second scar in my head is because I wanted to play Tornado a DC characters so You might assume the result. My head only bounced in the cold stone.
33.-I like girls dressing in red.
34.-I have a collection of Sodas, everyplace I visit I collect a soda from that place.
35.-I do not like when a girl sticks her tongue in my ear, I do not feel anything. Seems I love rough stuff, if there are not bites or scratches I do not feel anything.
36.-I remember people by smells. I can remember the smells of the saliva or the skin of a girl.
37.-I do not use the phone at all, I am very direct so I use it normally and never for long conversations.
38.-I can give you results using mathematics but not using a method, that was something that made crazy my teachers of Architecture. I always had the result but never a method.
39.-I want to have a tatoo
40.-I need to start working out and do exercise.
41.-I am sometimes a bit extremist: Is it a YES or a NO!
42.-I was about to marry someone about 6 years ago.
43.-I do not like seafood. I only eat tuna fish or filete.
44.-My favorite dish is Picadillo similar to meat balls.
45.-My family is just awesome!.
46.-My regular real life job is to give classes of English.
47.-I like to play mind games to people around, seems that my life is always an eternal debate.
48.-I never trash out on somebody, (I do not see the point).
49.-I am terrible to remember names.
50.-I have never printed anything in my country only overseas.

PS:wOW!! I didn`t mention Lupita in all the post :) :)...JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Good list.
29 is nice to have her still near to you.I guess you found out the hard way you were not a superhero.

antonio said...

hahahahah my little cartoony heart say I am a hero...hahahaha I have more stories related to comics..haha some of themreally dumb...
29. that medal is indeed my treasure.