Thursday, April 28, 2005

Non ho parole

Today I was sending some thank you mail to friends.
I will start another page of Robot Love for tomorrow.
I already sent another mail from the company in my country I haven`t heard from them.
I finally will receive some comics where I participated last year in Spain.
Lupita send me a mail, well not a big deal just letting me know that probably next week We will go out. I am in the same position I am not looking for her even though I die for.
Coloring Luchador and trying to see other ways to make money.
Ahhh I forgot I will start my networking to see If I can find a contact in branch of a company I like a lot, many friends tell me over and over that my work really suits that place. in fact it could be my dream come true to work over there. I won`t mention anything till I have some answers just wish me luck!!.

As usual if you are an editor or pro help me promoting my work.
Comission work available.

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO


Sask 1 said...

Well its good she sent a mail.Shows she;s thinking of you.Funny thing was that on wed after reading your post.I decided no matter how hard i would not contact him first.We had a fight on tues.It was very hard all day yesterday i kept writing mails and picking up phone but didnt send or go through with call.Then 5 minutes before he leaves work he sents me a mail saying he is sorry.He's never done before.Seems i should be coming here for advice about my love life.
Good luck with networking your work

wondy woman said...

You really are fantastically talented, Jesus Antonio. I like the Hendrix but I especially like the Karen O Angel.

Wondy Woman x

antonio said...

Dear June i can become Dear Abby any time, just shoot me!!! i can start my own section Love for dummies the headquarters...who knows..give me more info to see what i can be in help.
Just be strong love sometimes is like alcoholism you have to live day by day, and make little everyday plans. do not make someone affect you. You really deserve to live and be loved in a reciprocal way!!

antonio said...

Wondy Great Great to see you here!! and thanks for the words1!! I am really happy you like the yeah yeah yeahs!! that is the kind of music I like a lot, I am sure We share some similar tastes, the hendrix work is a comission.
Karen O rocks!!!..JESUS ANTONIO